Collection of Examples of Scientific Articles

Collection of Examples of Scientific Articles
Example articles - Our discussion this time is about the understanding of articles, writing models, characteristics, how to make and a collection of examples of scientific articles, education, health, environment, popular, of course we present in Indonesian language that is interesting and easy for us to understand.

Understanding Articles
The article is a complete factual essay with a certain length made for publication and aims to convey ideas and facts that can educate or entertain.
The definition of the article also includes articles published on international journal through various media such as newspapers, magazines, bulletins or online media.

Definition of Articles According to KBBI The meaning of articles according to KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary) is complete writing, for example news reports or essays in magazines, newspapers and so on. In writing articles there are several models which between one model with another has its own characteristics. Then, what are the various types of article writing models? The following is an explanation of the types of article writing models that you can know about. Popular Writing Models The popular writing model is an article writing model which in this article usually uses writing with light themes and not too complicated as entertainment themes. writing popular articles generally use free language or like the language commonly used in magazines or newspapers.
Scientific Writing Model The scientific writing model is the writing of articles in which are written using standard and official language and paying attention to the appropriate spelling. Not only that, this scientific writing model was legally endorsed. Therefore, this one article writing model requires special learning and usually tends to be more complicated than other article writing models.
 The Popular Scientific Writing Model The popular scientific writing model is a combination of scientific and popular models. This type of article writing model is usually aimed at the general public. For example articles you can find below later. Well, after knowing the understanding of articles and various article writing models.
All you have to know next is the conditions of the article. Why are there article requirements? Yes, it means you can not do anything on their own in making articles. Because in the rules for making articles there are special requirements for making articles so that they can be good, true and easy to understand and useful for the readers. Here are the requirements in making an article.
 Article requirements Using the language of article writing models according to its type whether it is a popular article model, scientific or popular scientific. Write articles that are original or own work and are not piracy of people's work. The topic of the article raised was a response from an event.
The article idea is purely from the author himself. Regarding this matter, it can also take references or references either in the form of books, journals, newspapers and others. Article writing is not bound by time, language style, form of news, and other writing techniques. Writing style, topicality and short length of articles that need to be taken into account.

Types of Scientific Journal Education Articles

Types of Scientific Journal Education Articles
In terms of systematic writing and its contents, scientific articles can generally be grouped into two, namely research articles, and conceptual articles (some also refer to thought-provoking articles). But on this occasion only presented the results of research articles. Research articles are scientific articles written from the results of a research activity. Research results written in the form of articles to be published in scientific journals have advantages compared to those written in the form of official technical reports. The official technical report of a study generally contains things that are comprehensive and complete so that the text tends to be thick and reproduced in very limited quantities. As a result, only a limited circle can read it.
Conversely, the results of research written in the form of articles are usually required to contain important matters, because each time a journal is published can only contain a few articles, so the available space for an article is very limited. However, scientific journals published will be read by many people, including academics, professionals, and students. Even journals that are accredited or internationally standard and distributed through internet websites, can be read and accessed by all visitors throughout the world (Indonesian International Journal). In short, research results written in the form of journal articles will have a faster and more extensive academic impact than official technical reports.
Writing research articles in a journal can be done in three ways. First, the research article was written after the writing of the research technical report was completed. This method of writing is temporarily carried out by most article writers.
Second, the research article was written after all research activities were completed, but the writing of the technical report has not yet been completed (still in process). Third, the research articles are written after the research activities have been completed and indeed there will be no technical report writing. This type is currently still rarely done by article writers.
In fact, in anticipating the process of accelerating the dissemination of findings to relevant target communities becomes very important. Likewise if it is associated with efforts to protect copyright. The most important way to make a scientific article is to determine a theme. The theme is the main discussion of the scientific article that you write.
Themes will also help you determine the title of the scientific article. Because the nature of scientific articles is more universal, make sure you choose themes that are easy for the wider public to understand. To determine the theme you can make observations or research in advance. Make careful planning before writing a scientific article.
The next way to make a scientific article is to design a writing framework. So that writing is arranged systematically, before writing make sure to make a writing framework. The written outline contains what you will write in order in a scientific article.
The writing framework is made as a planning outline of the points you will inform. Make at least "rough" writing before you write your scientific article in more detail. Gather your problem analysis, theory, facts and research results and arrange them systematically. You can place the contents of your scientific articles into a number of subtitles.

Education has a very important role within the lifetime

Education has a very important role within the lifetime
Education has a very important role within the lifetime of the state in a shot to form quality human resources. Basic education is that the starting for any education, and is an integral part-kan of the general national education system. to enhance the standard of education, the govt has run to-wins the 9-year basic education, half dozen years at the elementary level and 3 years at junior high school school level. Primary education provides basic provides to the scholars, to be ready to develop lif-THEIR and prepared to follow any education.
Solving ability and motivation learning, Mathematics, that is that the basis for each discipline, must incline to any or all students from primary colleges. Students ar given the flexibility to suppose logically, analytical, systematic, critical, drawback determination, creativity, and talent to work. These competencies necessary for college kids to own the flexibility to amass, manage, and use info so as to survive in an exceedingly state that's perpetually dynamic, unsure and competitive.
Some issues ar quite distressing to lecturers and fogeys, among them regarding schoolwork (PR). will having a PR or no PR? however long the coed is anticipated to be told at home? At what age, category and wherever to start out penuga ladder-san PR?
will students achieve success in achieving an honest action while not PR? Is it well worth the time to examine schoolwork and lecturers write comments on students’ schoolwork has been completed? it'd be terribly fascinating to answer of these queries for all subjects and every one levels of schooling. Students tend to be tasks (including PR) and improve the standard of their learning once they get consistent feedback and constructive (Paulu, 1995:18).
Arends (2012:232) states that the feedback provided may be teacher comments on the results of PR students. the supply of those comments may be given in writing or oral (verbal). According Ghandoura (1982:80), the scholars were treated writing comments on the results of PR, was obtained a score beyond students United Nations agency don't seem to be given such treatment

In Reference to the Social Science of Culture

In Reference to the Social Science of Culture
In reference to the social science of culture, the study of the culture of society is a crucial study as a result of it's necessary to grasp the notion of culture and society itself. particularly in villages that also cultivate Ritual Ngliman water Sedudo monthly shura. This ritual is performed by the area people since the time of Majapahit Empire till nowadays. because the day – the standard tourer traffic wasn't too packed, in distinction to the extent of tourists within the Shura (the 1st month of the Javanese calendar).
attributable to that month, the Java community encompasses a bound confidence confidence to disport the water riual Sedudo. Every first shura, waterfalls sedudo Parna Prahista used for ceremonies, the ritual bathing the sculpture then the remaining water is besprent to members of the family so as to receive the blessing of salvation and eternal youth.
Up till the current time, the govt habitually Nganjuk perform rituals “Bath Sedudo” each year Javanese. Public construction niagara on ritual ceremony, When the Shura month a full month Sedudo water sometimes terribly packed by pilgrims WHO can perform the ritual for months shura thought of an honest month for the Javanese.
additionally to the Shura month, a day there square measure some guests WHO can perform the ritual within the Sedudo water and hand-picked an honest day and therefore the effectivity of the water are ready to cure some diseases over from the religion of the individual Communities round the region even have confidence that the water Sedudo have supernatural powers.
per the parable that developed, this month Sedudo water unending believed to bring fortune to those that bathe within the water Almost a day Sedudo water visited by the guests and there's a daily travel and there's conjointly a ritual. Routine ritual Sedudo water within the ritual performed monthly the Shura (1 Islamic calendar month or year AH) for months shura is that the year for Java and fifteenth that coincides with the total moon.

Loss of Nutritionary Price and Cloudiness within the Sweetener

Loss of Nutritionary Price and Cloudiness within the Sweetener
Tin instrumentality is mostly used for a spread of merchandise that endure thermal sterilization method. initially the tin instrumentality is formed of sheet metal (tin plate) consisting of a base sheet steel and tin (Sn) hot (hot dipping) or by the electrolysis method. Then developed a spread of various sorts with normal sheet metal, like a tin-free steel cans (tin-free steel). the form of the cans itself divided into 2 sorts, particularly canned 2 piece cans and three-piece cans.
3 Fiece tin wills consists of 3 connections that piece can, at the highest of the will lid and canopy partially beneath the tin. whereas 2 piece cans square measure cans that overall solely have one affiliation, yitu at the highest of the will lid. Learning Content Sn, Fe and Pb in food with atomic absorption spectrometer, Damage tinned goods merchandise primarily because of the interaction between the bottom metal tin maker, particularly Sn and metallic element which may cause undesirable changes like discoloration, occur off-flavor, loss of nutritionary price, cloudiness within the sweetener and also the formation of rust on cans.
Additionally wills soldered affiliation half can cause contact between Sn and metallic element from solder with food merchandise that have lower acid levels ensuing sulphide stain or black stain on canned merchandise. Metal Sn and metallic element that may be a base metal cans maker belongs to the category of significant metals. If tinned goods merchandise contaminated with significant metals into the physical structure can cause a poisoning.
this can be because of toxic of significant metals have the power to perform as a co-factor catalyst, the catalyst consequently unable to perform commonly in order that the metabolic reaction is restrained. the aim of this analysis is to review whether or not food merchandise square measure prepackaged victimization tin packaging are often contaminated by packaging material (Sn, metallic element and Pb) or not. The materials employed in this study square measure lead (II) nitrate (pa), FeSO4 (pa), SnCl2 (pa), aqua fortis 1N, HNO3 (p) H2O, stone boiling, paper, three whole beef, three sample whole sardines, and three whole leechee coctail samples.
The tools employed in this study may be a flask of one hundred cubic centimetre, measuring instrument activity, electronic scales, pumpkin kjeldahl, pole stative, clamps, Atomic Absorption Spektrofotometry (AAS) Perkin Elmer (3110) that square measure equipped with lights Hollow Cathode lead (Pb), tin (Sn) and iron (Fe) and different tools employed in the study within the laboratory.